School, homework and tests

Hi, it’s Amy. I haven’t had much time to post anything, so I’m sorry. It’s almost the end of the school year and my class has been busy fooling around; which makes the title of this post totally irrelevant to what is going on for me right now. But some of you might be having surprise pop quizzes, or tests, or a lot of homework due at the last minute. I know how to deal with this. Last year, my teacher made me do a whole math book over summer break! But then I found out I was changing schools and just threw it out. If there’s a pop quiz or a test that you forgot about, don’t panic. You’ll be better off if you relax and do your best. I remember once I got so stressed out about a surprise math test that I forgot how to multiply! I’m telling you, I am not a smart person. Don’t end up like me. Anyways, you might have a lot of homework due… If that’s the case, then just, buckle up and work until you’re done. Speaking of, I have a project due in two days so I should probably get working! See ya!

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